Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This now appears twice - because I couldn't find the post button until after I made the comment.
“So,” I said. “Who in their right mind has a long horn sheep. In Naples?” Turns out the guy two streets south has one. He thought it was lonely and borrowed a long horn form the lady a few blocks north. I’m not sure which one wandered over here. When I mentioned to a friend about 2 long horns she said, “We always tell company coming to visit for the first time to turn left at the school and right when they see the herd of long horn sheep.” Who knew?


We are on the schedule to be scheduled for hurricane shutter repair. In May. The electric roll up which didn’t work for Irma.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

The ram and the jeep  or The ram and the sheep
The guy from down the street had his car sitting askew across the next door neighbor’s driveway.
“Do you know anyone who owns a ram?” he asks me. “A ram or a sheep?”
Well, it sounded like sheep, but because of my poor hearing and his car off the road like that, I translated sheep into jeep which made more sense. Dodge Ram or Jeep? I’m sure I looked stupid. Nothing new there.
“A ram?”
“A ram,” he says impatiently. “Do you know anyone who has a ram?”
I shake my head.
“I called the cops.”
“I herded a ram up the road and into this driveway and have it blocked in this yard. They can be dangerous you know.”
Still looking stupid here. A dangerous Dodge.
“A sheep, you know, a big horn sheep. I have it blocked in this yard.”
I start to edge Bud and me away. Big horn sheep? Not a Dodge?
“Mountain sheep.”
Well the nearest mountain has to be at least a hundred miles away. This is Naples, Florida.
Two cop cars roll down the street and park and I decide we can stick around. One cop talks to David, the other comes over to me to ask about my rescue greyhound.

Turns out there really is a ram in the neighbors back yard. He’s hanging with the horses. (The one who ran through the backyard last month. Before we got the fence fixed.)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'm supposed to use my 'brand' color. I guess that would be the Payne's gray of my web page.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Now i have to decide: this cool orange or the paynes blue of my website